Monday, 17 October 2011

Happy customer - Finished in Finland - with a thumb hole.

Well the saw plates arrived in Finland last week, and it looks like Tristan couldn't wait to get on to making the handles.

I sent him some American Black Walnut along with the saw blades, and he's now finished the handle on the 29" rip saw. For a first attempt at a handle I think he should be very proud, it's come out a treat.

He's also used furniture nuts and threaded bar to fix the handle on, and I think this give a very contemporary look that contrasts well with the old school influences on the handle.

Well done Tristan, and I'm glad your pleased with the saws.


  1. Utterly gorgeous, nice work all around!

  2. Great! Where could I buy steel plate (750 x 225 x 1mm) ?

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