Saw sites. -              This is website dedicated to vintage backsaws and handsaws. There is an active
                                    forum where users can post images and discriptions of saws for comments and

Other saw makers.

Two Lawyers

Bad Axe

Wenzloff and sons

Tool suppliers & services.

Classic hand tools -       Lots of quality tools, nice guys with great service. They can also supply a full range
                                     of handsaw files.

The saw blog -              This is a blog about mainly old saws.
                                     Matt also runs a saw sharpening and restoration service. I havn't had a
                                     saw sharpened by Matt, but Mark at Bad Axe recomends him, and having had a
                                     saw from Mark, thats a very good recomendation.


Carpenters Fellowship - This organisation is dedicated to promoting communication, training and sharing of
                                      knowledge amongst those interested in historic and contemporary timber
                                      framed structures.