Thursday, 15 September 2011

Frame 2011 at St Fagans Nr Cardiff

This post is really just a collection of images taken at the Carpenters Fellowship annual weekend. It just gives a quick glimpse of all the things the organisers pull together for a very enjoyable weekend, and it didn't rain to much.

I haven't mentioned any of the great speakers that we had lined up from around the world.

But here was a taste of the demonstrations and activites we had on from axe throwing to cider making, from hewing to building a crane.

All in a weekends work at the Carpenters Fellowship.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Carpenters Fellowship auction saw.

The Carpenters Fellowship held their annual event, "Frame" at St Fagans museum near Cardiff on the 2-4th Sept. Every year an auction is held to raise money for training inititives within the fellowship.

The Carpenters' Fellowships main aim is promoting communication, training and sharing of knowledge amongst those interested in historic and contemporary timber framed structures. We hold talks lectures and demonstrations over the entire weekend.


I made a saw this year for the auction, with the winning bidder getting the choice of any tooth configuragtion to be cut with me in my saw workshop. The auction was a great success rasining around £7000 for the Fellowship. In the end my saw sold to  American TFG member Grigg Mullen for £170. The saw will now be going across the pond to it's new home.

The saw is 28 1/2" long with a tapper ground back ready for the prefered tooth pattern. Grigg is actually wanting two saws, so I'm going to be making him another saw as a cross cut match to the auction saw.
English Beech handle with brass medallion.