Monday, 17 October 2011

Happy customer - Finished in Finland - with a thumb hole.

Well the saw plates arrived in Finland last week, and it looks like Tristan couldn't wait to get on to making the handles.

I sent him some American Black Walnut along with the saw blades, and he's now finished the handle on the 29" rip saw. For a first attempt at a handle I think he should be very proud, it's come out a treat.

He's also used furniture nuts and threaded bar to fix the handle on, and I think this give a very contemporary look that contrasts well with the old school influences on the handle.

Well done Tristan, and I'm glad your pleased with the saws.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Saw blades to Finland

Just Finished a nice pair of saw blades going toFinland.

Tristan wanted a large Ripper and a X cut to match.  The rip is 29" long, as Tristan has a long stroke length, while the X cut is 2" shorter.

The Spec on the rip is:

4" of 5 ppi
5" of 4.5 ppi
6" of 4 ppi
3.5 ppi for the rest of the saw.

The X cut is 6ppi for the entire length.

Tristan wants to make his own handles, so I've included a couple of American Black Walnut blanks for him play with.

The next pair of saws on the list will be heading off to the USA.